Construct a switch

Construct a Switch

The five basic layers can be set up in a matrix for quick identification

Each construction can be labeled with five letters.

The position of each letter represents one of the layers.

 CodeExample 1Example 2Example 3
Graphic Layer    
no graphic layerx  x
Membrane Layer    
polyester, opaque conductoraa  
polyester, transparent conductorb  b
metal dome, metal conductorc   
elastomer, conductive pilld   
poly-graphic layer, opaque conductore e 
Tactile Layer    
metal domea   
poly domebb  
graphic domec   
packaged membraned   
non-tactilex xx
Static Layer    
polyester, opaque conductoraaa 
polyester, transparent conductorb   
polyimide, copper conductorc   
PCB, copper conductord   
packaged membrane, internal conductore   
glass, transparent conductorf  f
Rigid Layer    
glassd  d
no rigid backerx x 
Example 1:In this example the poly dome is formed in the membrane layer.

” a a b a c ” is a tactile poly dome design where the dome is formed in the membrane layer.

apolyestergraphic layer
apolyester, opaque conductormembrane layer
bpoly dometactile layer
apolyester, opaque conductorstatic layer
cplasticrigid layer
Example 2This is a non-tactile membrane and shipped to the customer w/o a rigid backer.

” a e x a x ” is non-tactile and has very few layers because the graphic (PET) layer is also the membrane layer. Note an “x” is used when a layer is missing. Again, note that the membrane & static layers can never be missing.

apolyestergraphic layer
egraphic (PET) layer, opaque conductormembrane layer
xnon-tactileno tactile layer
apolyester, opaque conductorstatic layer
xnoneno rigid layer
Example 3Another non-tactile membrane but transparent using ITO coated glass as the static / rigid layers.

” x b x f d ” is also a non-tactile design except it is a transparent membrane (touch screen) where the glass backer is also the static layer because the transparent conductor is integral with the glass.

xnoneno graphic layer
epolyester, transparent conductormembrane layer
xnon-tactileno tactile layer
fglass, transparent conductorstatic layer
dglassrigid layer

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